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Detroit Diesel Engine Cooling Pumps / Marine Engine Cooling Pumps

There are 3 basic steps to determine the correct Detroit Diesel replacement pump or find parts for your pump:
  •  The number of cover screws - 4 or 5 or 6
  •  The impeller depth - either 2-1/2 inches or 3-1/2 inches (if there are 5 cover screws)
  •  The impeller drive - either splined or double flat drive (if there are 6 cover screws)
If there are 4 cover screws then it is a Jabsco 18780 Series or Jabsco 18790 Series pump.
Parts for these pumps are available below under 18780_series_parts

If there are 5 cover screws then the impeller depth determines the correct pump.
5 cover screws and a 2-1/2 inch impeller depth is Jabsco 2570-3100
5 cover screws and a 3-1/2 inch impeller depth is Jabsco 6980-3100

If there are 6 cover screws then the impeller drive determines the correct pump.
6 cover screws with a splined drive impeller is Jabsco 17050-0001
6 cover screws with a double flat drive impeller is Jabsco 17360-1001
6 cover screws with a double flat drive impeller and the ports shifted back is Detroit Diesel pump number 8V92TA-16V92TA

Select your pump model below or click here for Parts Breakdowns.


Detroit Diesel 8V92TA-16V92TA Discontinued Engine Cooling Pump Shifted Ports Detroit Diesel 8923363, Jabsco 18760-Series


Jabsco 17050-0001 Closest Replacement is JMP JPR-G6000F Detroit Diesel 253 353 453 471 5145578, casting number 17053-8000 17054


Jabsco 17360-1001 Engine Cooling Pump Detroit Diesel V-71 V-92 23507475 23507476 23507477 23507973, Caterpillar D-336 D-343 D-353 3N1888


Jabsco 17540-0201 Engine Cooling Pump Detroit Diesel Series 60. The shaft may look slightly different than in the photo of the pump. 23525200, 23535447, 23522735


Jabsco 18780 Series Parts Detroit Diesel Engine Cooling Pump with 4 cover screws, 8927296 23525078 12V71TI 12V92TA 16V149TA


Jabsco 2570-3100 Engine Cooling Pump Detroit Diesel 6V53 6V71 6V92 8V53 23507971 5186250 5107480 23501083 2313002 5137208 5115396 5115652


Jabsco 6980-3100 Engine Cooling Pump Detroit Diesel 6V71TI 8V71 12V71 16V92 23507972 5122599 5106016 8924265 23501769


Jabsco 777-9001 Flexible Impeller Pedestal Pump Detroit Diesel 8.2 8924483, Caterpillar 3N9009 / 2N3984 / 3208 / 3160


Johnson 10-13095-02 Engine Cooling Pump F9B-9, same as 10-13095-01 less 5 bolt flange, Detroit Diesel 671TI 871 1271


Johnson 10-13096-02 Closest Replacement is Jabsco 2570-3100 F8B-9, same as 10-13096-01 but without the 5 bolt flange, Detroit Diesel 653 671 853

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