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Jabsco Washdown Pumps


Jabsco 11810 AC Series Flexible Impeller Utility Pump 9.6GPM at 10' Head, 1/3HP AC Voltage


Jabsco 11810 DC Series Flexible Impeller Utility Pump 11.2GPM, 13psi Max, 1/3HP 12V or 24V DC


Jabsco 11860 11870 Series Electric Clutch Pump 1”FNPT or 1 1/4”FNPT Ports, 12V 24V or 32V DC


Jabsco 23670 Series Junior Puppy 3.4GPM, 3/8”FBSP or 3/4” Hose Ports, 12V or 24V DC


Jabsco 23680 Series Water Puppy 9.25GPM, 1/2” Female BSP Threads or 1” Hose Ports, 12V or 24V DC


Jabsco 23920-2000 & 23920-9000 Series Run Dry Utility Puppy 8GPM or 11GPM, 3/4”FNPT or 3/4”BSP Threads, 12V or 24V DC


Jabsco 32305 Series Par-Max Washdown Pump 3.0GPM, 50psi, 12V or 24V DC


Jabsco 32605 Series Par-Max Washdown Pump 4.0GPM, 60psi, 12V or 24V DC


Jabsco 32700 Series Par-Max 4 Washdown/Livewell 5.0GPM, 50psi, 12V or 24V DC


Jabsco 32900 Series Par-Max Washdown Pump 4.0GPM, 60psi, 12V or 24V DC


Jabsco 50840 Series Cyclone SS Circulation Pump 29.7GPM, 8.7psi Max, 12V or 24V DC


Jabsco 50860 Series SS Cyclone Circulation Pump 21.1GPM, 19psi Max, 12V or 24 V DC


Jabsco 51080 51200 Series Clutch Pump 17.8GPM or 44.5GPM, 1”BSP, 1 1/2”BSP or 1”NPT, 1 1/2”NPT Threads


Jabsco 51270 Series Clutch Pump 60GPM, 2” Flanged, 2”FNPT or 2”BSP Ports


Jabsco 6050 Series Flexible Impeller Utility Pump 23GPM at 10' Head, 26psi Max, 3/4HP AC Voltage


Jabsco 6590-0005 Manual Clutch Pump Up To 23GPM, 1-1/4"FNPT Ports


Jabsco HotShot 3 and HD4 HD5 HD6 Series Washdown Pump 3GPM to 6GPM, 50 or 60 or 70psi, 12V or 24V DC


Jabsco HotShot Series Washdown Pump 4.0 to 6.0GPM, 70psi, 12V or 24V DC

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