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Jabsco 31765-0092 Parts List

   Dual Sensor-Max VSD Water System Pump 9GPM 12V

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Key #
Qty Req
18910-4028 Upper Housing, Upper Pump
18910-4025 Upper Housing, Lower Pump
1 per pump
18911-7030 Valve Kit
1 per pump
18915-9002 Lower Housing
18919-1029 Motor with Sensor, Upper Pump, discontinued
18919-0136 Motor, Lower Pump, discontinued
1 pair per pump
20408-000 Port Slide Clips
18916-0025 Pressure Switch, Lower Pump
Not Shown
18914-6038 Pumphead, Upper Pump, discontinued
Not Shown
18914-6325 Pumphead, Lower Pump, discontinued
Not Shown
18753-0718 Manifold Kit
Not Shown
18753-0719 Bracket Kit
Not Shown
46400-9500 Strainer
Not Shown
20381-0073 Port Fitting Kit
Not Shown
1 per pump
18920-9043 Service Kit
    The pressure sensor is built in to the upper motor and is no longer available.
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Untitled DocumentUntitled DocumentUntitled DocumentUntitled DocumentUntitled DocumentUntitled DocumentUntitled DocumentUntitled DocumentUntitled Document
  Item Number Description Price  Qty       Order     Lead Time
FJ 20408-000
Flojet- Snap-in Port Slide Clips, (pair) for Flojet and Jabsco Pumps
Click For Individual Product Page
Estimated Shipping Weight:  0.25 Lbs Each.
More Product Info:  Replaces Jabsco 30648-1000. "Standard Format" size.
$11.51 Ships Immediately,
14 In Stock
  JA 18753-0718
Discontinued Manifold Kit
Click For Individual Product Page   0.65
$0.00     Discontinued
  JA 18910-4025
Jabsco- Kit Upper Housing 25psi Switch
Click For Individual Product Page
Estimated Shipping Weight:  2.5 Lbs Each.
$59.42 Average 10-14 Days,
Factory Back Order
  JA 18910-4028
Discontinued Upper Housing Kit
Click For Individual Product Page   2.5
More Product Info:  If you need the sensor it is part of the replacement motor assembly.
$0.00     Discontinued
  JA 18911-7030
Jabsco- Valve Kit EPDM
Click For Individual Product Page
Estimated Shipping Weight:  0.5 Lbs Each.
$47.21 Ships Immediately,
6 In Stock
  JA 18915-9002
Jabsco- Lower Housing Kit Sto 3C
Click For Individual Product Page
Estimated Shipping Weight:  1.5 Lbs Each.
$68.66 Ships Immediately,
5 In Stock
JA 18916-0025
Jabsco- Pressure Switch 25 PSI
Click For Individual Product Page
Estimated Shipping Weight:  0.65 Lbs Each.
$34.69 Ships Immediately,
8 In Stock
  JA 18920-9043
Jabsco- Service Kit, includes Valve Kit, Diaphragm Kit, Cam, Cam Screws, Set Screw, Port Slide Clips
Click For Individual Product Page
Estimated Shipping Weight:  1.25 Lbs Each.
$126.74 Ships Immediately,
5 In Stock
JA 46400-9500
Jabsco- Pump Guard Strainer, with Direct Plug-In Quad Port Outlet and Snap-In Quad Port Inlet, 90 Degree Elbow Design, Fine 40 Mesh Stainless Steel Screen. You can use any Standard Format Snap-In Quad Port fitting for the inlet side.
Click For Individual Product Page
Estimated Shipping Weight:  0.75 Lbs Each.
$29.35 Ships Immediately,
8 In Stock
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